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Supersets is a creative and innovative scenery construction company, specialising in film and television, pop promos, commercials, events and high end visual merchandising.



I create scenery for television, film, theatre, music promos, and events. ur own state of the art workshop and team of skilled people we are able to work on small and large scale projects with a fast turn-around.



I genuinely care about what I do, and thrive to deliver the best product possible.  I can work with you from an early stage and trouble shoot ideas to create tricky projects within budget. We’re serious about what we do, but in a fun way.

I can help with


Carpentry – Plastering – Scenic Treatments – Metal Work – Prop Making – Tree Work – Storage – Project Management – Spray Finishing – Location Work & Standbys



Must look into commersials_ make website to be more "we' and build a brand. Talk to Johnson about this.look for agent and build brand.

I'm skilled in model making, poly carving, sculpture, and casting, enabling me to make bespoke scenery and props to specifications, or design them from scratch.
GATECRASH teaser trailer address.

Hear the Doors 


The film follows young protagonist Kitz and his exploration of this seemingly never-ending labyrinth.

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