{Feature Film}


Directed by Leonora and Jonny Moore.

A young boy explores an infinite mansion, his stethoscope and chalk are the only keys to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.


To create this infinite world of mazes, I had to design a set which could be completely flexible, including carpets, walls and ceilings.

 To ensure flexibility without compromising on aesthetic, I created a series of almost identical cubicles, with individual ceiling panels to accompany each respective cube or wall. This would then enable Directors Jonny Moore and Leonora Lin-Moore, to manipulate the identical cubicles at will, into a series of mind-bending corridors and configurations.


The entire set consisting of 24 doors, 5 walls, 32 cubicles and over 40 adjustable ceiling panels is by far the largest set I've designed, standing 23 Metres long by16 metres wide.



Behind the scenes: Pre - production

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I created a scaled 3D model which I used to plan and simulate each set move accordingly. Each piece was labelled to easily co-ordinate each movement prior to filming. We had a deadicated team sometimes working through the night to get these sets ready for shoot days as each celing piece, wall or floor would have to be removed and redressed for the next scene. 





Services included;

Concept research development | Creative direction | Project management | Team co-ordination | Set Design | Set construction | Scenic arts.


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