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It’s not often that you hear about a show that forces you to reconsider your preconceptions of the theatre. And it’s even rarer to hear about such a show outside of London. Yet Riptide’s new production, SWARM, is exactly that. 


Would you dare to enter the Swarm... Although I can't say too much about the set design of this entirely mystifying and very secret experience, in fear of ruining the ambience of the night. I can say I that I was delighted to be asked to take part in the build of a fantastical set, involving a futuristic currency bureau, and a room of infinity! 

SWARM is an immersive Theatre experience, which basically means that you’re part of the action – you control how the show unfurls as the night goes on. 

 It’s set up like a nightclub. You can drink, you can dance, you can have a great night out – but unlike a normal club, here you’re surrounded by actors and you’ll encounter a series of planned and improvised performances throughout the night. There’s no way to differentiate between the audience and the performers, you’re all in it together.

Services included;

 Creative Direction | Set Construction

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